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Many individuals do not have a Will in place. This is risky as it means your assets may not pass to the person you want them to. A Will also provides you with the opportunity to say who you want to look after your children. Anyone who owns property or who has children should have a Will. This should also be reviewed on a regular basis, say every few years.

We provide specialist advice on the preparation of Wills. These range from straight-forward mirror Wills for couples with uncomplicated estates, to more complex Wills containing sophisticated tax saving structures, and trusts for children, grandchildren and others.

Wills are often drafted in conjunction with more detailed tax advice given by us as a part of an overall tax planning structure. However, we also take instructions from clients who use the firm purely for our Wills drafting service.

Our clients often choose to attend our offices for execution of their Will and we provide a free secure Will storage service for all Wills we draft.

Please contact Nicole Gallop Mildon.

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