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Research shows 24% would challenge a Will

Research conducted by Direct Line has shown that 1 in 4 adults would challenge a Will if they did not think it was fair. This research comes at a time when it has also been revealed that there have been an increasing number of High Court claims regarding inheritance and disputes over Wills.

Furthermore, Direct Line also said that more than 8,000 caveats were registered in 2017. A caveat is a legal way of blocking probate. Reasons for a person to register a caveat include for example, to allow for disputes over the legitimacy of a Will to be sorted out.

The main reason given for increasesin disputes is modern family structures. For example, people are more like to marry multiple times, to have step children and to co-habit, meaning that family structures are becoming increasingly complex. Increasing property prices was also mentioned as a factor. These days, a lot of young adults rely on their inheritance to be able to purchase property and therefore if they do not inherit as per their expectations, disputes can arise.

Top Tip: Seek help from a Solicitor to draft your Will so that grounds for disputes are less likely to occur.

For advice on Private Client matters, please contact Nicole Gallop Mildon, Head of Private Client.