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Remortgage Questionnaire

  "Boundaries" mean any fence, wall, hedge or ditch which marks the edge of your property.
1.1 Do you know of any boundary being moved in the last 20 years? Please give details
2.1 Do you know of any disputes about this or any neighbouring property? NO/YES Please give details


2.2 Have you received any complaints about anything you have, or have not done as owners? NO/YES Please give details


2.3 Have you made any complaints to any neighbour about what the neighbour has or has not done? NO/YES Please give details


3.1 Have you ever sent or received any letters or notices which affect your property or the neighbouring property in any way (for example, from your neighbours, the council or a government department)? NO/YES/COPY ENCLOSED/TO FOLLOW/LOST
3.2 Have you had any negotiations or discussions with any neighbour or any local or other authority, which affect the property in any way? NO/YES Please give details


4.1 Have you ever had to pay anything for the use of the property? (Ignore rate, water rates, community charge and gas, electricity and phone bills. Include everything else: examples are the clearance of a cess pool or septic tank, drainage rate, rent charge) NO/YES Please give details
5.1 Do you and a neighbour share the cost of anything used jointly, such as the repair of a shared boundary or drain? NO/YES Please give details
5.2 Do you contribute to the cost of repair of anything used by the neighbourhood, such as the maintenance of a private road? NO/YES
5.3 If so, who is responsible for organising the work and collection of contributions.    
5.4 Please give details of all such sums paid or owing, and explain if they are paid on a regular basis or merely as and when work is required.  


5.5 Do you need to get next door if you have to repair or decorate your building or maintain any of the boundaries? NO/YES
5.6 If 'yes', have you always been able to do so without objection by the neighbours? NO/YES (please give details of any objection under the answer to question 2 - Disputes)
5.7 Do any of your neighbours need to come onto your land to repair or decorate their building or maintain the boundaries? NO/YES
5.8 If so, have you ever objected?   NO/YES (please give details of any objection under the answer to question 2 - Disputes)
  Are there any other formal or informal arrangements which give someone else rights over the property? NO/YES Please give details


7.1 Does anyone other than you live in the property?
If 'no', go to question 8.1
If 'yes' give their full names and (if under 18) their ages
NO/YES Please give details
(a) (i) Do any of them have the right to stay on the property without your permission?
(These rights my have arisen without you realising, i.e. if they have paid for improvements or if they helped you buy the house).........
NO/YES Please give details


  (ii) Are any of them tenants or lodgers? NO/YES Please give details and a copy of any tenancy agreement


  If you have changed the use of the property or carried out any building work on it, please read the note below and answer these questions. If you have not, please go to question 9.
Note: the title deeds of some properties include clauses which are called 'restrictive covenants'. For example, these may forbid the owner of the house to carry out any building work or to use it for the purpose of a business - unless someone else (often the builder) gives his consent.
8.1 (a) Do you know of any 'restrictive covenant' which applies to your house or land? NO/YES
  (b) If 'yes' did you ask for consent? NO/YES (please give details and a copy of any consent)


8.2 If consent was needed but not obtained, please explain why not.  


8.3 If they reply to 8.1(a) is 'yes', please give the name and address of the person from whom consent has to be obtained.  


9.1 Is the property used only as a private home? NO/YES Please give details


9.2 Is the property a listed building or in a conservation area?
If 'yes', what work has been carried out since it was listed or the area became a conservation area?


9.3 Has there been any building work on the property in the last four years? NO/YES Please give details


9.4 Have you applied for planning permission, building regulation approval or listed building consent at any time? NO/YES/COPIES ENCLOSED/TO FOLLOW/LOST
9.5 If 'yes', has any of the work been carried out? NO/YES Please give details


10.1 If the property is leasehold or you pay towards the maintenance of the property, please supply details of the amount you presently pay for ground rent and/or service charge.  
10.2 Please provide a copy of your last invoice for ground rent/service charges. Are you paid up to date?  
10.3 Please provide the name and address of the person or company to whom rent and maintenance fees are paid.  
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