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International Buyers of UK Property - Specialist Service


UK property and in particular Central London property has always been popular with overseas buyers. Historically, property in the Prime Central London area, namely Westminster, Kensington, Mayfair, Chelsea and their immediate surroundings, have generally been outstanding investments in the long term. To make sure that you have the right property investment, properly structured, requires specialist advice. The London property market has its own special features e.g. all flats and some houses are held as leasehold rather than freehold. Whilst perfectly adequate, this is an antiquated form of ownership which is very complex and almost unique to the UK. This presents both challenges and opportunities.

The key issues for an international buyer, as well as obtaining good title, will be a tax effective ownership structure, confidentiality, speed, and access to know-how about the London market. Rushing in without proper advice, for example by putting a property in your own name, is generally inadvisable and also expensive to put right.

Our expertise in property and international tax goes back more than 20 years. Our team is led on the property side by Christopher Sykes, the author of a Law Society book on leasehold property, and on the tax side by David Anderson, a solicitor, chartered tax adviser and an international tax specialist with numerous published articles in technical journals and national newspapers.

Key features of our service:

  • Expertise in high value and complex purchases and sales.
  • Technical expertise in the complexities of property law and in particular leaseholds in Central London.
  • Advice on tax and tax effective structures.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax mitigation advice.
  • Familiarity with the setting up and operation of offshore companies and trusts.
  • Useful contacts eg: key agents and other professionals.
  • General know-how and practical/commercial skills to get a deal through.
  • Confidentiality.