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Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements are an important aspect of any business operation. To ensure success and competitive advantages in today’s complex and heavily regulated business environment, businesses are increasingly seeking specialist advice in the preparation and drafting of the agreements to make sure that the agreements not only accurately document the bargains struck but also comply with any sector, regulatory and legal requirements.

Our specialist commercial department have the expertise and experience in the negotiation, preparation, drafting and advising on a wide range of commercial agreements with clarity and precision to help you to meet your commercial objectives. Being a small firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to advise our clients with efficient, practical, business-oriented and tailor-made services on all types of commercial agreements including:-

  • Agency and distribution agreements

  • Bespoke agreements

  • Franchising agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Manufacturing and supply agreements

  • Partnership agreement

  • Standard terms and conditions of business

We also have the requisite expertise within the firm in identifying the tax implications and competition law issues in the proposed deals and to ensure that the agreements drafted comply with regulatory including completion law requirements.

If you would like some help with commercial agreements please contact David Anderson in the first instance.