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Redundancy Calculator

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1 Give the total number of complete years of service This must be the number of total years you have been employed continuously with your employer. You must have been employed for at least 2 years to be eligible for compensation. If this is over 20 years, it will be limited to a maximum of 20 years for this calculation.
2 What was your age at the date of dismissal Whilst aged 18, you are not eligible for any redundancy compensation. Whilst aged over 65, you are not eligible for any redundancy compensation. Between 64 and 65 you are eligible with a reduction dependant on how month months older than 64 you are
3. What was your weekly net salary at the date of dismissal £ This must be your average net weekly salary, but it will be kept to a maximum of
in the calculation. If you are paid monthly, you should times the amount you receive by 12 and then divide it by 52. You can use our salary converter to do this calculation. If you are paid hourly, use the average weekly net wages you have received over the last 12 weeks. This should be calculated by adding the net total you have received over the last 12 weeks, and dividing it by 12.

Once you have answered all the above questions, please click in this box to confirm you accept the disclaimer below to obtain a calculation.   

Click on the Calculate Compensation button below to obtain the compensation figure.


Your compensation entitlement has been based on the following information. If any of it is incorrect, please use the back button of your browser to return to the previous page and re-input the correct information.

Years of service:
Age at date of dismissal:
Salary at date of dismissal:
The compensation figure is:


I accept that this calculation is provided for general guidance only and that saplaw.co.uk accepts no liability for any use or non-use of the result produced. The calculator only works out the statutory redundancy payment based upon the information I have entered. There may be other entitlements above the statutory minimum e.g. to contractual payments for notice periods, holiday pay benefits in kind and the like. There may also be an entitlement to claim compensation for unfair dismissal if the termination of employment is not genuinely due to redundancy or if the the redundancy might be considered to be 'unfair' or for discrimination or similar claims. It is therefore strongly recommended that I seek specific advice in the circumstances of my particular situation.