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E-Business Litigation

Unusual disputes can arise within E-businesses. These disputes contain different issues and factors to everyday commercial disputes.

We have knowledge of these out-of-the-ordinary matters:

  • Shareholder Disputes. Sometimes a majority of shareholders, usually investors, wish to sell, but the minority of shareholders wish to retain their ownership. We are experienced in protecting the interests of commercial and private investors in E-businesses.

  • Partnership Disputes. These usually arise when those establishing an E-business fail to create a Partnership Agreement to govern future relations between them, or when that Agreement is defective. We can assist in settling these disputes with the minimum of cost and risk.

  • ADR (Mediation). An essential option, since placing a dispute before the Court might lead to commercially sensitive information being made available to the public, or worse, competitors. We have experience of multi-party Mediations.

  • The Technology & Construction Court (TCC). This niche Court only deals with IT and Construction Claims. We have successfully run Claims in the TCC and are familiar with its own rules and procedure.

  • Injunctive Relief. An E-business must act quickly to protect its most valuable asset, its IP, if that asset is at risk of being abused or corrupted. We can assist on making an urgent application for an Injunction. We have experience of the rarely-used private ‘search and seizure’ Court Orders, available to protect businesses when their IP is at risk.

  • Restrictive Covenants. Restraint of trade arguments can easily arise between employees and E-businesses, when employees with intimate knowledge of the businesses’ software are leaving for other employment, and perhaps at risk of taking that knowledge with them to use elsewhere.