Immigration to the UK as an entrepreneur – Post Brexit

Some EU countries, such as Malta and Cyprus, have nationality programmes which allow non EU-nationals to obtain nationality there. This in turn allows non-EU nationals to obtain a Maltese/Cypriot passport and access freely all EU countries.

This has become very problematic since the UK triggered the Brexit process as it seems likely people who have gone down this route, post Brexit will not have the right to freely enter the UK after the UK leaves the EU.

Apply to UK as an entrepreneur

The safer route post Brexit for those intending to settle in the UK will be to obtain residency as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur in the UK. Very broadly this involves making a £200,000 or £50,000 (subject to specific conditions) investment in a new or existing business. Two jobs need to be created and the applicant has to become a director of the business.

Meeting and business plan

Applicants are invited to a meeting to assess their business plan. This is to see that it has a reasonable prospect of success and is genuine. Over 50% of business plans are rejected. Business plans are less likely to be rejected if they are well established franchises and are well thought through and documented.

Sykes Anderson Perry can help you in setting up your business. We are specialised in franchise operations with years of experience in this area. Please contact David Anderson.

May 2017