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Company Acquisition Enquiry Form

  • If you are interest in using our services we will need certain details from you. Company acquisitions are invariably complex and each one has its different issues. This form is intended only to obtain certain basic information to enable us to get a feel for the transaction and for you to seek preliminary information from us.
  • If you wish to proceed you will no doubt wish to meet us before deciding whether to instruct us. there is no obligation on you to use our services until we have been formally instructed.
  • Please fill in the form below and press the submit button. The information on this page will then be electronically mailed to us.
  • Alternatively please telephone Christopher Sykes on +44 20 3794 5959 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
  • You can also print this form using the print facility of your browser and fax or post it to us.
  • Our contact details are shown at the bottom of this page.
Your Name:  * required
The name of your company/the acquiring company (if you are not acquiring the shares in your individual name):
Your address for correspondence:
Your telephone number:  * required
Your fax number:
Your e-mail Address:  * required
The name of the target company (optional):
The nature of the target company's business:
Is the whole of the share capital to be acquired]: yes no
Purchase price of the shares:
If the price is to be paid by consideration other than money (e.g. by shares in the acquiring company) please give brief details:
The turnover of the target company as shown in the last accounts:
Number of employees of the target company:
Will any seller be required to enter into a service/consultancy agreement?: yes no
What other matters (if any) have been agreed with the seller (e.g. retentions, deposits)?:

Is the acquisition by way of a joint venture?

If so, please give brief details:
Have you received any advice on relevant tax issues? yes no
What is your realistic timescale to complete the transaction?:
Please enter any particular instructions or matters which you would like us to know or points of clarification you wish to raise:
Please contact me by: Telephone