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Jail time for forging a Will

On 29 March a man was jailed for 12 months for forging his mother-in-law’s Will after her death in 2017. His wife, the deceased’s daughter, was given a 12-month jail term which was suspended for two years.

The couple were suspected after they presented the deceased’s ‘latest’ Will to a Solicitor who told the Court the Will was ‘three loose pages of paper together in a wallet’.

It seemed the couple got hold of the original will and adapted it to create the forgery. The court heard that the signature had been cut and pasted onto the document. The forgery stated that the deceased’s daughter would be the sole beneficiary. The forgery was further evidenced by the fact that the dates and page numbers were not consistent, and some pages had staple holes, and some did not.

The court heard that the deceased did not like her daughter’s husband and a letter from her showed this and stated she did not want her daughter or her daughter’s husband or his family to benefit under her Will.

When the later Will came to the attention of the Solicitors holding the original Will, they contacted the police as they believed it was an attempted forgery.

The couple were convicted of creating a document purporting to be the deceased’s Will.

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