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Estate Agent Information

We believe it is important that solicitors and estate agents co-operate to ensure that transactions, both residential and commercial, proceed smoothly.

Fast Response

As part of our service we ensure fast response times to agent's calls and feedback information. A qualified solicitor is allocated to each file. Commission accounts are paid promptly on completion.

Fast Track Sales

For residential sales, click here to access our Urgent Request Form which can be printed off and faxed to us to start the process.

Quality Control

We constantly monitor the quality of our service and request feedback from agents at the end of every transaction.

Conveyancing Cost Calculator

Our Conveyancing Costs Calculator allows you to view the costs you can expect to incur when you purchase your property.

For other relevant information forms, please click here to access Residential Property.


As well as making sure the work we do is carried out to the client's satisfaction, we believe it is also important that the estate agent is happy with how the transaction was handled. Please click here to see a sample of agents' comments.