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Property Sale Quote

This page is to be read in conjunction with our residential Conveyancing Costs information. If you are purchasing, please go to our Conveyancing Costs Quote - Purchase.

This simple calculator works out the fees and costs for your sale.

To obtain a quote, select the alternatives in 1 and insert the sale price in 2. Then click “Get Quote”.

1. Freehold or Leasehold  
2. Sale Price £ The sale price of the property. Whole pounds only - no commas, decimal points or pence.
Please telephone for a quote for a sale price above £5M.
Landlord's Information Charge
For leasehold properties, the Landlord/Managing Agent will usually make a charge for supplying information on e.g. service charges and insurance. The charge varies widely and this is an average.
Land Registry Documents
The average of fees to obtain official documents from the Land Registry.
Our Fees
Solicitor's Fee
Our fee subject to the important note below.
VAT on Solicitor's Fee
The VAT charged on the Solicitor's Fee.
Administration Fee
Our fee to include all administrative costs including CHAPS, copying, postage, printing etc.
VAT on Administration Fee
The VAT charged on the administration Fee.
Total Costs
The total amount of legal costs and disbursements you will have to pay for the property subject to the important note below and comments on individual items.
  • This does not include non-legal costs.

This is an indication of expected costs only. If you are interested in using our services, we will need certain details from you. Our contact details are shown at the top of this page. Alternatively, please fill out and submit the Seller's Enquiry Form.

  • For further information about our conveyancing services with forms and guidance go to Residential Conveyancing.
  • To see what our clients think of our services please go to Testimonials.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This calculation is not a quotation but is a guide to the likely level of fees and disbursements on a domestic purchase in England and Wales. Figures may vary according to the particular circumstances of a given case. Further fees may be payable if additional work is required e.g. if a consent is required from a freeholder on a leasehold purchase. Written estimates are given on request subject to our normal terms and conditions.