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Services for fellow solicitors, notaires and other lawyers

We regularly work for other firms of solicitors by providing expert services. Our aim is not to disrupt existing professional relationships, but to assist our fellow professionals by providing our specific expertise.

Examples of how we work with fellow solicitors and notaires:

1. Acting as a joint expert in divorce proceedings to provide a report on the capital gains tax position involving UK and French property.

2. Providing tax advice in respect of the UK or France, to lawyers of the other jurisdiction.

3. Assisting with the French aspects of UK probates.

4. Assisting with the English aspects of French probates.

5. Providing legal opinions in English about French law.

6. Providing legal opinions in French about English law.

7. Providing advice in respect of French matrimonial property regimes.

8. Assisting with the transfer of French property following an English divorce.

9. Assisting with the management and/or sale of French property where the owner is incapacitated and UK resident.

10. Providing advice as to the incapacity regimes in France.