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Changing jobs is often cited as one of the most stressful events in life. Being dismissed only magnifies this feeling. We are able to advise you as to your employment rights and to any potential claims you may have against your employer.

Our specialist team deals with what can be sensitive issues in an appropriate manner whilst pursuing your claim with the diligence expected of top quality legal advisers.

Do not wait for your position to become untenable – if you believe that you may have a claim against your employer or just want a consultation as to your rights and your employer’s obligations, we can assist.

If you are a senior executive or perhaps a company director, we have the necessary experience and expertise to advise you on the particular issues likely to be relevant to you.

Please view our specialized senior executive area.


  • Has your employment been terminated recently?

  • Have you just been made redundant?

  • Has your employer offered you a severance or settlement agreement?

  • Do you believe you have experienced discrimination?

  • Has your employer asked you to attend a disciplinary hearing?

  • Are you suffering stress related illness because of your job?

  • Are you being bullied at work?

  • Has your employer decided to sell or outsource the business in which you work?

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