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Our Litigation team offer clear, sensible and above all sound advice. Our solicitors are quick to focus on the important issues in order to safeguard your interests and to minimise your costs.

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, a business, a consumer or involved in a dispute, and are left with no option but to take your dispute to the courts or tribunals, we will advance your case pragmatically, cost effectively and with vigour. We are never complacent and will do our utmost to make you come out on top.

We have particular expertise and experience in dealing with disputes involving French aspects.

Our expertise covers:

Property disputes Landlord & tenant Probate disputes
Contractual Disputes Employment Law Disputes Misrepresentation
Consumer disputes Shareholder disputes Partnership disputes
Trust disputes Debt recovery Franchise disputes
Tax Intellectual Property and domain name disputes Enforcement in EU and commonwealth countries

 We are very pragmatic and will keep you fully informed as to:

  • Your best options in terms of managing the dispute and strategy, settlement, litigation tactics, mediation etc.
  • Prospects of a successful outcome and likely costs recovery.
  • A recommended course of action based on your requirements.

We like to win so why not give us a call today to discuss how we can help. Call us on 020 3794 5959 or email Duncan Brown the details and he will contact you directly.

Our litigation lawyers and solicitors offer straightforward commercial advice to achieve a swift resolution to disputes across all our practice areas.