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Service Spain

Our Services

  • Spain tax planning for UK and other residents investing/moving to Spain
  • Relocation to Spain
  • Probate, estate planning and wills

Using Sykes Anderson Perry

Our Service Spain team is experienced in Spanish law and taxation. Our expert and pragmatic thinking team, based in the City, will "get it done" for you. The advice and approach is everything you would expect from a small specialised City law firm.

Unique Service at Sykes Anderson Perry

  • We are a leading City firm in cross-border private client. Our team of lawyers have over 20 years’ experience in cross-border private client matters.
  • All members of our team are fully qualified solicitors (in addition to their other qualifications) you can count on our expertise and professional training.
  • As solicitors, our advice is protected by legal professional privilege so remains confidential.
  • We regularly travel to completion (and other) meetings outside the UK for our clients. In our experience matters often arise during completion meetings with us there you will not be left exposed at a crucial time.
  • We have many years’ experience in a range of transactions.
  • We regularly advise on complicated or unusual structures including offshore trusts and pension fund purchases.

Wealth planning and Will drafting

Our team will be able to advise you on your estate planning when there are assets in both Spain and the UK. We will also advise you on the drafting and execution of your wills in particular with regard to the EU Succession Regulation and the imminent entry into force of the European Regulations on Matrimonial Property Regimes and Registered Partnerships.


Our team of dually qualified lawyers (English solicitors and Spanish abogado) will assist you in all the aspects involved in the winding up of the estate without you having to travel to Spain. We can also assist you in the winding up of both the UK and Spanish estates as we are one of the leading firms in the City in cross-border probate.


If the estate includes property in Spain we shall be able to assist you in the entire conveyancing process. Spanish formalities are different from those in England and Wales. We are able to travel to Spain to execute the necessary deeds and also to advise on the tax liabilities involved.
We are also able to assist you with the registration of the new title deeds to your property after divorce proceedings.

Spanish Taxes

Whether you are thinking of relocating to Spain or you are planning to acquire a holiday home there we are able to advise you as to the potential tax liabilities and file your Spanish tax returns on your behalf. We can also assist with Spanish tax disputes and have extensive experience with the UK Spain Tax Treaty.
We can also offer tax advice if your property is held through a UK or Spanish company.