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UK non-residents - Legal, Property and Tax Services

nonresident2We advise individuals on their tax position when leaving the UK. We regularly advise on moves to Monaco, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. Many of our clients are successful entrepreneurs and we understand their needs.

Our advice is always tailored to your circumstances and deals in particular with the following aspects:

  • Detailed assessment of how to go about becoming non-resident in the UK, particularly in light of HMRC's tightened approach to this in recent years.
  • Full analysis of the tax position in the jurisdiction you are moving to - we will travel to the jurisdiction if thought worthwhile.
  • Looking at how best to structure any income and gains you will receive after moving, including trust arrangements in off-shore jurisdictions.
  • Advice on the application of any relevant double tax treaty.
  • Ways of continuing to manage UK assets and businesses.
  • Considering your overall inheritance tax strategy when leaving the UK and how you might structure your affairs to reduce the tax exposure on your estate.

It is important to look at practical issues, as well as tax advice, in these scenarios including the necessary steps for establishing your residence position. We work closely with local advisers when required and have an extensive network of contacts with professionals in these jurisdictions. We will deal with relocations to new jurisdictions and can draw on our experience in other countries to assist when this is the case.

In all cases, we have a meeting with you at our offices where we go through our advice in detail, giving you the opportunity to raise any questions about areas of concern to you. This advice is then confirmed to you in a comprehensive written report. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

We understand you will want to continue using your existing team of lawyers and accountants (invariably much bigger firms than Sykes Anderson Perry) and we will not irritate you by trying to cross sell other legal services. Instead we will work cooperatively along side your other advisers to make sure you are looked after and nothing falls between the cracks.

If you have any questions please contact David Anderson or Nicole Gallop Mildon in our tax department.