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Our International Private Client team is experienced in the laws, taxes and practices of the UK and overseas jurisdictions, notably France, Monaco and Switzerland. Our expert and pragmatic thinking team, based in the City, will "get it done" for you. The advice and approach is everything you would expect from a small specialised City law firm - there is nothing suburban or provincial about the way we work. We are not "part timers" or "dabblers" in this area of law. This is what our team of lawyers do full time every day.

Unique Service at Sykes Anderson Perry

  • All members of our team are fully qualified solicitors (in addition to their other qualifications) - you can count on our expertise and professional training.

  • As solicitors our advice is protected by legal professional privilege so remains confidential.

  • We regularly travel to completion (and other) meetings outside the UK for our clients. In our experience matters often arise during completion meetings - with us there you will not be left exposed at a crucial time.

  • We have fifteen plus years’ experience in a range of international transactions.

  • We regularly advise on complicated or unusual structures including offshore trusts.