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Unquoted Shares

The recent case of Cosmetic Warriors v Gerrie [2017] EWCA Civ 324 has provided useful guidance on the valuation on unquoted minority shares.

In this instance the claimant owned 11% of the shares and his wife owned 10% of the shares with majority shareholders owning 62%. The issue was how to value the shares and whether the shares should be valued (given that they were a minority with no chance of control) at a discount or pro rata basis. The articles required an independent accountant to certify a fair value calculated using a willing buyer and a willing seller, valuing the company on a going concern basis. The majority shareholders wanted to value these at a discount however the Court of Appeal decided that as the articles stated ‘going concern’ this meant the value must be decided with the company being valued as a whole and the minority shares being valued on a pro rata basis.

The judges made the decision because of the importance of the relationship between the key shareholders and decided this to be a quasi-partnership. As this was the case and all the shareholders were fully participating in management and risk of the business, the pro rata valuation of shares was most appropriate.

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