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Immigration Lawyers - Our Legal Services

Increased globalisation means not only an upswing in the movement of goods and services but a greater trend in the movement of people and workers.

Working with specialist partners, Sykes Anderson Perry is able to provide a focused integrated immigration law service. We are able to assist with commercial and personal immigration. In particular we are able to assist with applications to come to the UK to set up in business or to invest in the UK, as well as applications for those who seek to work in the UK on a permit free basis.

For Business

As part of our on-going commitment to providing a comprehensive and high quality legal advice to business, we are able to assist companies in bringing to the UK the best foreign workers. The ability to bring crucial staff to the UK is important in keeping UK business competitive and innovative. We are able to make and manage applications on behalf of businesses to hold sponsorship licences, as well as making individual applications for workers to come to the UK.

The Home Office requires those companies who wish to employ foreign workers to keep and update a sponsorship management system. We are able to manage and run this system on behalf of clients.

For Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals

The UK encourages entry to the UK for those entrepreneurs who wish to set up in business in the UK as well as those high net worth individuals who wish to invest significant sums in the UK. Those who come within the terms of the requirements are rewarded with a settled immigration status and a road towards permanent residence in the UK. We can assist by providing accurate and up to date information on the current requirements as well as practical advice on how these requirements can be met through careful and diligent analysis.

Personal Immigration

We are able to assist with all aspects of personal immigration for high net worth individuals and their families, with the same degree of care that we bring to all our services. Personal Immigration matters raise issues of privacy and sensitivity. Clients will be reassured to note that that Sykes Anderson’s normal high standards of discretion and confidentiality apply to all our immigration work.


For further information please contact David Anderson – Solicitor and member of our Corporate, Commercial, Employment & Immigration Departments.

Our partners in immigration work are Barar and Associates who are a London based Immigration Law Firm.