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Senior Executives

Our employment lawyers and solicitors specialise in advising senior executives and company directors on the employment law issues relevant to them such as restrictive covenants, benefits, share options and tax.

We are experienced in negotiating favourable packages at the commencement of your employment and high value settlements if your employment is wrongfully terminated.

We know the tactics used by employers and their lawyers and have the necessary experience and technical expertise to anticipate and successfully deal with them.

Frequently asked Questions.

  • The service agreement offered by my new employer contains stringent restrictive covenants should I sign it?
  • If I receive a substantial pay off from my previous employer, do I have to pay tax on this?
  • I have been invited to join the Board. What are the legal implications for me if I become a company director?
  • I am a director of a company and am concerned that we cannot afford to pay our creditors. Are there are personal implications for me I should be aware of?
  • I have been approached by a headhunter recruiting for a rival Company. Can my current employer prevent me from moving on?
  • My company wishes to transfer me to their overseas office. Will this affect my employment rights?
  • My employer has just terminated my fixed term contract that still had two years left to run and is refusing to pay me in lieu of notice. What should I do?
  • My employer has just terminated my employment a week before my next bonus is due to be paid. Can I successfully sue them for the loss of my substantial bonus?