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No fault evictions to be scrapped?

The Government has recently announced proposals to scrap no fault evictions under section 21 Housing Act 1988. Section 21 enables landlords to evict tenantsafter their fixed-term tenancy has ended without providing any reasons on two months’ notice.

This has resulted in a lack of security for private renters. The Government has said that section 21 notices have become one of the leading causes of family homelessness. They also discussed that sometenants have concerns that they may be evicted if they complain or raise problems with their property to their landlord.

The new proposals have been welcomed by housing and homelessness charities who hope the changes will provide long-term security for tenants and also allow them to be able to plan for the future without concern of no fault eviction.

Going forward, it is proposed that landlords will have to use a section eight notice in order to evict tenants, which involves going to court and providing legitimate grounds for possession. Landlords have criticised the section eight process for being inefficient and costly,as it can take up to four months. Landlords have also raised concerns that the proposed changes could result in indefinite tenancies, and that there should be more focus on improving the section eight procedure.

Top Tip: If you rent out a property and want to evict your tenants, take legal advice on the best course of action.

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