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Injury to feelings awards increased in discrimination claims

Compensation for injury to feelings is an award that can be given by the Employment Tribunal as part of a discrimination claim. This is commonly awarded to compensate the employee or worker for the hurt and upset resulting from the discrimination.

Although the Tribunal has discretion on the amount to award, injury to feelings generally falls into one of three bands according to the level of hurt and upsetthat was actually experienced by the employee or worker.

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals have issued a joint second addendum to the Presidential Guidance which increases the amount of compensation awarded in each of the bands.

With effect from the 6 April 2019, these bands have been increasedas follows:

  • Lower band: £900 - £8,800.

  • Middle band: £8.800 - £26,300.

  • Upper band: £26,300 - £44,000 and above in exceptional circumstances.

Top Tip: If you think you have been discriminated against at work consult a Solicitor straight away as strict time limits can apply to claims.

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