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Probate and Estate Services

We deal with all types of estate and succession matters, in particular those with a foreign element.  If a relative or friend has died, and you are interested in what services we can provide, please contact us by telephone or email.  We will then be able to advise you as to what services we can provide to you in your personal circumstances.  We pride ourselves on our personal and tailored approach, and to being approachable at a difficult time.  We are happy to deal with practical as well as legal matters.

Probate for foreigners in London

London is a magnet for people from all over the world who are often on their own. Sadly this creates problems for relatives in their home country should they die here. It is usually difficult and expensive for relatives to travel to London to deal with the formalities following death and also deal with the sale of a London property and paying creditors. Sykes Anderson Perry has years of experience in these matters and can provide a professional full service in these matters with full transparency and the highest possible standards.  

We can handle all practical and legal aspects, examples of our service include:-

  • Dealing with funeral arrangements and payment of funeral costs.
  • Ascertaining the deceased’s assets and debts.
  • Dealing with any outstanding bills and people pressing for payment.
  • Ensuring security of the deceased’s home, including changing the locks if appropriate.
  • Ensuring belongings are kept secure and protected against theft.
  • Contacting insurance companies.
  • Contacting the deceased’s bank.
  • Dealing with the sale of the deceased’s car.
  • Dealing with all UK tax matters.
  • Obtaining a UK grant of representation to deal with the estate.
  • Sale of the deceased’s property.
  • Dealing with any tenants if property is rented out.

We offer this service in English and in French.

We are able to offer a complete service, so that you do not have to travel to London to deal with matters.  We are sympathetic to the pressures on the recently bereaved and aim to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.  We understand that being in a different country makes the process more difficult and we will provide the extra practical support required.

For further information please contact David Anderson, tax solicitor and chartered tax adviser, or Nicole Gallop Mildon, solicitor and diplômée notaire.