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We are a City of London law firm established for more than 25 years with experienced teams of UK and international property and tax lawyers. By coming to Sykes Anderson Perry, you can consider it done.

Our London tax lawyers specialise in legal advice on international tax issues as well as UK tax arrangements with related offshore elements. We are recognised experts in property law and are one of the few UK law firms who can assist with French legal matters including property, tax and probate. We are focused on achieving the results you want. We are geared to working with your professional advisors to ensure you are best looked after. We use our extensive knowledge and practical experience to deliver you the best service. Our innovative thinking adds value to your transaction.

Our website contains plenty of detailed articles on property, tax and other areas of law. We make this information freely available to demonstrate our level of competence and expertise, and to help build a relationship with you, our clients.

France has announced that its Register of Trusts will be made publicly available on the internet from 30th June 2016. The database which will be fully searchable will give the names of trustees and beneficiaries. The French Tax Authority currently has 16,000 offshore trusts on its database which have a connection with France either because they own French assets or have French resident settlors or beneficiaries. This is unprecedented and is likely to put pressure on other countries to follow as well as cause difficulties for offshore financial institutions. It is likely this will be in breach of Article 8 of the EU Convention on Human Rights and is actionable at law. Anyone who wishes to discuss this further is invited to contact David Anderson of these offices.

Our address and contact details since 27th April 2015:

5th Floor, Salisbury House, London Wall EC2M 5QQ.
Our new telephone number is 020 3794 5959