Recent French, Swiss and Monegasque Matters as at December 2012

These are a few of the matters we have been involved in during the course of 2012. They are all high value matters. If you are about to embark on something similar it may be helpful to you that we have practical recent experience and contacts.

Property and Tax

Agricultural Land - Sale of French agricultural land with equestrian facilities and ancillary residential Manoir. Acted on the sale which included the involvement of a French public authority and advised on the tax implications of the sale.

SCI acquisition - Acting in the acquisition and subsequent re-financing of a French SPV which owns a substantial building plot in the Alps.

Building project - Advising on a contract for the construction of a chalet in the Alps with a build cost of €10m +.

Residency in Monaco - Advising very high income individuals relocating to Monaco whilst retaining UK businesses. Including dealing with residency enquiries from HMRC.

French manor - Assisting a client who had entered into a preliminary contract with the Mairie to buy a manor and surrounding land and buildings. There was a challenge to the Mairie’s power to sell. Assisted through the court proceedings to achieve a favourable outcome, and in structuring the purchase.

Trusts in France - advising beneficiaries and offshore trustees on the French tax position on trusts with assets in France and French resident discretionary beneficiaries.

Swiss residency - Advising on relocations to Switzerland including challenges from the UK Inland Revenue


Three jurisdiction estate - Assisting in a cross border estate involving three jurisdictions, including England and France. Family members challenged the Australian will relating to French assets; assisting the Executor through the court process in France, in addition to the normal estate work.

Unusual French estate - An elderly lady died leaving assets in France - on closer examination it transpired that she was legally only a life tenant of her property. Liaising with the French remainder man to clear the property and release it to her, in contentious circumstances. Dealing with the French tax authorities and organisations.

Advising on wills for Swiss domiciled person resident in the UK with assets in the UK and Switzerland.

Other international matters

We have also advised in connection with other international tax matters involving Portugal and Cyprus.

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