French Probate, Estate Planning and Wills

We deal with French probates.  This includes cross-border tax and estate planning as well as drafting French Wills. 

We respect your arrangements with your existing lawyers and accountants, who usually have no experience in France.  We will, and indeed prefer to, work closely with them if you so wish.  They will have knowledge of your UK affairs and it is almost always best that they continue to deal with your matters in the UK and we assist them with the French and international aspects.

Many of our clients are other solicitors/lawyers, both in the UK and abroad who ask us to deal with the cross-border/French aspects of their clients’ estates.   We can act either for such solicitors/lawyers or for the estate direct.

If required we are able to travel to France to resolve any practical issues.  In the past this has involved settling disputes the deceased was involved in, going through the deceased’s papers searching for a will, taking possession of properties and vehicles left by the deceased.  We have a hands on and practical approach to resolving matters which otherwise can become very protracted.

We offer no financial services and leave investment of probate funds repatriated from France, such as the sale proceeds of properties, to your existing advisers.  The same applies to structured investments as part of your estate planning.  We leave investment in products such as “assurances-vie” to your financial advisers.


We normally operate on an hourly rate.  Wherever possible work is carried out at the lowest available fee earner’s billing rate.  Estimates for dealing with estates are provided on request.