Whether you are a Belgian business looking to set up a UK operation to take advantage of Brexit, a UK firm moving to Belgium as a result of Brexit, or a Belgian national concerned about how living in the UK will affect you legally, we can help.

We have long-standing, close ties with the Belgian community. We have acted for Belgian nationals and businesses for many years. We understand the culture, the mind-set, the economic and political structure of Belgium, and, quite literally, speak its languages. We regularly advise on complex legal issues with a Belgian aspect, such as:

  • The best tax structures for Belgian businesses operating in the UK and for Belgian nationals living in the UK.

  • Drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney for Belgian nationals moving to the UK.

  • Employment law for Belgian firms employing staff in the UK.

  • Using our specialist knowledge and rare experience to assist bereaved families deal with the estates of Belgians who die in the UK and UK nationals who die in Belgium.

  • Dealing with agents when seeking UK commercial premises and negotiating leases with landlords and their lawyers.

  • Settling legal disputes in the UK (and how best to avoid them!).

Our affinity with ‘all things Belgian’

We routinely work with lawyers (avocats/advocaten and notaires/notaris) in Belgium, advising them on varied aspects of law in the UK, as well as acting as their agents.
Both as a firm, and individually, we are active, supportive members of the Belgian- Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and the Anglo-Belgian Society.
One of our directors, Nicole Gallop Mildon, is Belgian and speaks fluent French. She is a regular attendee of events at the Belgian Embassy in London.


We offer the highest levels of confidentiality which you would expect from a niche law firm in the City of London. We do not believe “Chinese Walls” provide adequate protection, so if we are already acting for one of your competitors we simply will not act for you. Your business and personal plans are kept completely confidential.


We can deal with all matters from London. Our experience over many years especially in commercial matters has taught us that visits to the business site is helpful. We often travel to Belgium and do this at modest cost.

For Further information contact:

Nicole Gallop Mildon
Sykes Anderson Perry Limited