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We advise individuals and company owner managers on the implications of Brexit specifically relating to France. We look to the advantages and have a practical approach. We deal with the private client and personal tax aspects as well as commercial aspects for smaller companies. We deal with relocation of individuals and businesses to France and know about it in depth. We have had decades of experience in this market. Speak to Graeme Perry, Nicole Gallop Mildon or David Anderson in the first instance.

Our Approach

  • Brexit disrupts business. The successful entrepreneur will be the one who makes the right calls before all the information is in the public domain. We monitor what is happening in Paris to help you make the right calls.


  • A key driver both at a corporate and personal level. There are already tax breaks in France and more will come. Short articles you can understand are on these pages and we will keep them updated with any less obvious angles explained.

VAT and Customs Duty

  • Key issues for businesses. Both have the potential to sink businesses. Getting in a position to react quickly is the key. Think about leases with break clauses if you have to move all or part of your business.

Employment Law

  • Lots being talked about this and in broad terms less protection for UK employees in the future.


  • A specialist court in Paris will hear commercial cases in English. French court costs are generally much lower than in England with much lower costs awards against losing parties. This may lead to more litigation.