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Incentives (few examples)

  • Grants (tax free cash back) up to 10% of total investment (land, building, equipment, etc.) for large companies, up to 25% for SME’s

  • No social contribution on 1st employee (lifelong) and major reduced contribution for the next 5

  • 25% salary tax exemption: « Zone Franche » deduction – on employers contribution on new jobs created and during 2 years

  • PFI system for recruiting – during the 6 first months, you pay only the net difference between unemployment allocation and the final salary

Human resources

  • Availability of highly productive personnel, large pool of potential employees

  • Logistic training centers – training incentives

  • Labor costs incentives (average of saving up to 11 % on total salary costs over 4 years)

  • Very little job-hopping

  • Easiness to fire someone in Belgium (in comparison to the neighboring countries)

  • Company will only have to pay for 30 days of sick leave for its employee. After that, it is the health insurance system that will ensure the monthly allowance of the sick employee.

Logistics heaven

  • Best in class logistics – capable 3PL’s for handling and shipment to and from the distribution center

  • More than 20 logistics zones directly located at the crossroads of main transport axes

  • Centrally located in the middle of a triangle between Amsterdam-Paris-Frankfurt

  • 60 Million customers within 4 hours trucking time

  • Fundamentally quadri-modal region

  • Excellent connections to the major maritime ports - Antwerp (14 hours) and Rotterdam (24 hours)

  • Highly efficient custom clearance system, known to be one of the fastest and most flexible in Europe with a unique transport transit system (90 days) → perfect for e-commerce

  • Inbound:

    • Reduction of lead time: sellers get the money earlier

    • Reduction of costs transportation

    • Wallonia in the right direction of flows (avoids congestion)

    • Up-speeded admin processes

    • Flexibility of work / social aspects for peaks

  • Outbound:

    • Capacity to have national distribution tariffs from Wallonia

    • No congestion in Wallonia-Belgium

    • Large area covered in day + 1

    • Night work allowed – night drive allowed

    • Liege airport – hub of FedEx TNT in Wallonia – 24/7 dedicated to cargo for air shipments – 7th European cargo airport

    • Large offer of cheap and competitive delivery services

Real estate

  • Availability of large equipped greenfield plots and numerous buildingsI

  • On average for half the price compared to neighboring regions (building prices are competitive)

  • Reduced time to get a permit – 3 months (much shorter than any other country) – single permit → time to market


  • Very advantageous fiscal system, especially for distribution centers (possibility to have a 5% mark up on your operations)

  • Corporate tax reduced to 29% in 2018, then 25% as from 2020, by the government + many legal means to sensibly further reduce this figure!

  • Advantageous VAT system = ET 14.000. It is a special system of deferment of VAT due on imports. The holder pays no VAT during the customs clearance procedure but reports to a periodic VAT declaration (or quarterly basis). Since the amount of VAT is simultaneously deductible on the same VAT return, no cash payment is required.

  • Payroll tax exemption for night- and shift-workers

  • Tax ruling opportunity

  • Co-investment options from public/private local funds

  • Support from our organization and other public entities

  • Direct access to local authorities