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Litigation and Disputes in France

For anyone involved in litigation or a dispute anywhere this can be difficult and stressful but is particularly daunting for a non-French resident having to make or defend a claim in the French courts or tribunals. We will use our language skills, expertise and know-how of the French system and our extensive contacts including avocats, valuers and other experts to guide you through the process and give you the best chance of winning.

Where possible and appropriate in your interests, we will look to reach a settlement on a commercial basis

We are experienced in litigation in France and are regularly involved in cases in the French High Court. We have also experience in the French Court of Appeal and Tax Tribunals. We usually instruct French avocats to appear at hearings but have rights of audience before all French courts and appear in court where appropriate.

Our litigation experience covers:-

  • Probate disputes involving French property.
  • Boundary disputes with neighbours.
  • VAT disputes with the French Tax Administration.
  • Tax disputes relating to French property sales.
  • Debt claims with building contractors / sub-contractors.
  • Disputes over sales of publicly owned land.
  • French social charge disputes.
  • Obtaining French grants of probate from the French High Court.
  • Disputes under the Double Tax Treaty.
  • Litigation following a failure to complete on property purchases.
  • Obtaining injunctions.
  • Enforcing court orders.

Examples of cases we have dealt with:-

  • Successful reclaim of French social charges on sales of French property.
  • Claims from French Tax Administration for undeclared Wealth Tax.
  • Buyers failing to complete after exchange of contracts.
  • Successfully dealt with court hearing challenging sale of public land to UK buyer.
  • VAT reclaims disputed by French Tax Administration.
  • Various property boundary disputes.
  • Estate agent commission disputes.
  • Obtaining injunctions urgently.
  • Misrepresentations by sellers in contracts for the sale of land.
  • Applying for French Grants of Probate.
  • Tax investigations into alleged trading in France.