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We are a City of London law firm celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2019, with experienced teams of UK and international property, tax, company commercial and litigation lawyers. By coming to Sykes Anderson Perry, you can consider it done.

Our London tax lawyers specialise in legal advice on international tax issues as well as UK tax arrangements with related offshore elements. Our company commercial lawyers deal with owner managed businesses including start-ups. We are recognised experts in property law and are one of the few UK law firms who can assist with French legal matters including property, tax and probate. Our experienced litigation team deals with property, probate and commercial disputes. We are focused on achieving the results you want. We are geared to working with your professional advisors to ensure you are best looked after. We use our extensive knowledge and practical experience to deliver you the best service. Our innovative thinking adds value to your transaction.

Our website contains plenty of detailed articles on property, tax, commercial and other areas of law. We make this information freely available to demonstrate our level of competence and expertise, and to help build a relationship with you, our clients.

Firm News

SAP celebrates its 30th Birthday in 2019.

Chris Sykes solicitor and director of Sykes Anderson Perry training Special Olympic skiers in France in March 2019.

'Leasehold Enfranchisement and the Right to Manage’, 3rd-Edition, written by Christopher Sykes is published by the Law Society. The book details the rights of long leaseholders to acquire the freehold of their property, extend the term of their lease, and exercise their right to manage a property. To find out more click here.

Other News

Álvaro Aznar Azcárate and Nicole Gallop Mildon, ‘Cross-border complications’, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss5), pp.37-39.

Our colleague Alvaro Aznar interviewed at CEU Alumni magazine.

Nicole Gallop Mildon and Álvaro Aznar Azcárate’s article on the new EU Matrimonial Property Regime Regulation PS Magazine February edition.

Nicole Gallop Mildon and Álvaro Aznar Azcárate article ‘Code clash’, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss2)

A recent Supreme Court decision has the potential to have wide-reaching consequences for property owners.

El empresariado español no teme al Brexit y prioriza el pragmatismo

SAPLAW wil be supporting the following charities in 2019:

Chris Sykes solicitor and director of Sykes Anderson Perry training Special Olympic skiers in France in March 2019

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